Lizzo's Exact Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner

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Lizzo enjoys vegan steak and eggs for breakfast.

She cooked this dish with Juicy Marbles' Plant-Based Filet Mignon, fresh rosemary from her garden, spices, and plant-based Just Eggs.

The singer may also create cauliflower hash browns.


Lizzo never eats the same meal twice. If you've seen her TikTok, you know she likes salads. She's created BLT salads and BBQ sauce salads (yes, really).

The Green Goddess salad has cabbage, cucumbers, chives, cashews, and blue corn tortilla chips.

Lizzo also like vegetable burgers. On TikTok, she wrapped one in lettuce to avoid carbohydrates. Lizzo drinks a cacao or Koja Protein Cold Brew Coffee smoothie after her workout.


The "Good As Hell" singer, whose fourth album is out this week, can never say no to a vegan pasta dish for dinner.

She wrote on TikTok about her vegan chicken alfredo pasta dish, which includes tofu, cashews, lemon, broccoli, shallots, and Shirataki noodles.


Lizzo snacking on healthy foods. She'll have a Keto Cup after her workout.

TikTok says she snacks on BarĂ¹kas Trail Mix and Real Food From The Ground Up Cauliflower Cheddar Crackers.

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