Latinx-Owned Brands Are Reclaiming Superfoods

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The Pinole Project

Pinole Chia Oatmeal contains non-GMO heirloom corn, chia seeds, cinnamon, raw vegan cane sugar, and gluten-free oats

Depending on taste, each serving offers 10g fibre and 8-14g protein. You may eat corn-sugar-cinnamon alone or in Banana Cinnamon and PB & Cacao.


Fifth-generation Ecuadorian farmer and athlete Ricky Echanique invented this plant-based protein powder.

Indigenous farmers have collected chocho for thousands of years. The Andes protein includes plant fibre, vitamin E, magnesium, all nine necessary amino acids, and as much calcium per serving as milk.


These crunchy nibbles are created from nopales, a mainstay of Mexican cuisine (they're on the flag since the Aztecs built Mexico City after seeing an eagle on a nopal).

Nopales include vitamin E, calcium, magnesium, and other nutrients. Regina Trillo noted a lack of nutritional Latinx-owned food products in Chicago after moving from Mexico City.

Fresh Bellies

Saskia Sorrosa, born to an Ecuadorian banana farmer and agricultural entrepreneur, launched Fresh Bellies.

Sorroso believes these snacks prepared with sorghum might learn palates to seek savoury flavours over sweets or salt. Sorghum is gluten-free, low in fat, rich in antioxidants, vitamins, protein, and fibre.


LiveKuna sources superfoods from Ecuadorian farmers. Carlos GutiƩrrez and Santiago Stacey started with chia seeds, then added quinoa and amaranth to cereals, pastas, and snack puffs.

We established this firm out of curiosity and irritation that 99% of chia seeds farmed in our nation were exported and our local people weren't using this beautiful seed.

Lllamaland Organics

Lisa and Ismael Petrozzi launched Llamaland to promote Peru's superfoods.

Their cereals and spreads include arracacha, the "white carrot" of the Andes, sacha inchi, the "nut of the Incas," and camu camu, a rich source of natural vitamin C.

Best-selling Lucuma Superfruit Spread is composed of "Inca gold" lucuma. This caramel-like sauce goes over pancakes and ice cream.

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