How to Turn Back the Clock on Aging

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Exercise This Way

High-intensity interval exercise may reverse cell and muscle ageing in older persons. From what we know, these workout routines are the only way to slow ageing.

And Play These Sports

Some activities can improve your life expectancy by years—in one case, by over a decade. Tennis (9.7 years), badminton (6.2 years), and soccer promote long life (4.7 years).

This may support earlier research linking social isolation and loneliness to chronic illness and a shorter lifespan.

Reduce Stress

Grey hair is induced by stress and ageing can be halted or reversed this summer. When tension was eliminated from stressed-out persons with greying hair, the hair recovered its colour.

Maintain Strong Relationships

People in happier relationships live longer. This almost century-old study monitors the influence of life changes on lifespan.

The best predictor of a healthy, happy octogenarian was relationship satisfaction. Experts say social interaction is as important to health as diet and exercise.

Brush and Floss

High levels of tooth plaque increase the chance of cancer death by 80%, even after correcting for other risk factors.

Bodywide inflammation might start in inflamed gums. Inflammation is associated to ageing, earning it the label "inflammaging."

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