How To Reverse Grey Hair

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Gray hair can be dyed. Graying hair can be colored without a trip to the salon, but it may not work for everyone. Learn how to reverse grey hair.

Our studies show that human ageing is not a linear, fixed biological process, but may be delayed or temporarily reversed.

Our hair carries our biological history, like tree rings. When hairs are still follicles under the skin, they are influenced by stress hormones and other factors.

Researchers studied 14 subjects' hairs. The participants were also required to keep a weekly stress journal.

Some grey hairs recovered their colour, which researchers attribute to reduced stress and the mind-mitochondria relationship.

Five hairs on one person's head became dark coordinated with their trip.

Reducing stress may not restore hair colour in longtime greys.

Hair must reach a certain age before becoming grey. In middle age, when the hair is nearing greying due to biological age and other causes, stress pushes it over.

Reducing stress in a 70-year-old with grey hair won't darken it, and raising stress in a 10-year-old won't turn their hair grey.

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