How to Make Apple Cider

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1. Blend Chopped Apples In a Food Processor

To begin, I peeled and cored four apples before chopping them into one-inch cubes, including the skin.

After that, I put it in my food processor and processed it until it was a smooth slurry.

2. Squeeze Apple Juice from the Pulp

I added apple pulp to a food-grade fine-mesh bag inside a potato ricer in phases. I squeezed as hard as I could since ricers can bear pressure

I knew I'd fatigue fast because I have weak hands. So I grabbed my little "fast grip" clamp, cleaned it, and let it squeeze. Four apples yielded 2.5 cups of fresh cider in four passes.

It was fun to find a new purpose for my potato ricer, and the cider was delicious. When I make it again, I'll combine apples for extra taste depth.

3. Put the Leftover Apple Pulp to Work

I made super-food mini muffins for my child with leftover apple pulp since I conserve food leftovers.

You may also use leftover fruit or vegetable pulp from juicing.

 I altered my recipe by halving it, adding chia and hemp seeds, and reducing the sugar.

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