How To
Live Longer Over 60

Isolating elderly folks doubles their risk of dying within six years. Brains need continual stimulation. I recommend a 30-45-minute creative activity twice a week.

Get A Hobby

We live in a world of addictions, therefore we must avoid energy-stealing habits. Sugar, coffee, nicotine, and alcohol are examples.

Stop The Addictions

Anger and resentment can lead to cancer, diabetes, and heart disease. If we could release some tension, life would be easier.

Let Go Of The Anger

Herbs and spices diminish inflammation, a key ageing factor. They protect the brain, heart, and may lessen cancer risk. Spices are health-boosting foods.

Spice Up Your Diet

Many of us lose 30% of our muscle mass by age 80. After 50, women's muscle loss accelerates due to menopausal hormones and inactivity.

Exercise The Right Way

According to data from where people live the longest, strong social relationships with friends, family, and volunteering can benefit.

Stay Social And Maintain Social Connections

Blue Zones, where people live the longest, have 3 things in common: 1. local food 2 . A strong communal connection.3  Local cuisine is nutrient-dense.

Live Like You're In a Blue Zone

The body turns oxygen into energy. This is like eating. Walking and other deep-breathing exercises keep you healthy.


Mobility-impaired adults can enhance their health by breathing deeply for 15 minutes a day. Breathing eliminates 70% of bodily poisons.

Perform bodyweight exercises that test all-around movement at least twice or thrice a week to improve mobility and coordination.

Challenge Your Body

Our diet improvements should include quinoa, sweet potatoes, and brown grains. Don't forget leafy vegetables and berries.

Have A Healthy Diet

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