How to Get Rid of Visceral Fat in Women

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What Causes Visceral Fat in Women?

Women with more abdominal fat had worse emotions and more stress. Stress or psychological susceptibility may explain their increased cortisol reactivity.

Cortisol may have caused them to gain belly fat. These remarks highlight the significance of mental hygiene and why I believe mental health is the cornerstone of our health.

What's Considered an Unhealthy Amount of Visceral Fat?

Most people can't afford MRIs and CTs to measure visceral fat. Simpler guidelines are BMI or waist circumference.

Exercise 30 Minutes a Day

Every step counts, ladies! Whether you climb stairs or circle your living room, it adds up.

Fitness trackers help me stay active. This quantity will vary based on your age, calorie intake, and other factors.

Shop Smarter

If I can't comprehend the ingredient list, I probably shouldn't buy it. I like whole foods with 1-3 ingredients at the grocery store.

Be Mindful of Your Risk Factors

Be aware of your modifiable risk factors–things that you can change to have a better outcomel.

Be aware of modifiable risk variables you can address to improve outcomes. Plus, your family history may reveal risk factors. This is a must-discuss with your doctor.

Get Stress Under Control

Prioritize stress management and mental wellness. Healthy boundaries with others help you avoid unwanted responsibilities.

How to Lower Your Blood Pressure

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