These Are The Five Bed Sheet Colors You Should Always Avoid

Colors can dampen or lift our spirits. When designing your home, it's important to know the effects of each colour so you're always happy.

Yellow, orange, and red, or warmer tones, are said to evoke emotions from comfort to anger. Blue, green, and purple are associated with sadness or calmness.

Always use cooler colours to create a serene and happy atmosphere. The colours you choose for your walls, d├ęcor, and bed sheets can affect your mood and sleep. Every choice you make has some influence, which isn't always good.

Bed sheet colours to avoid may surprise you. They may work for a certain bedroom style, but they can keep you from sleeping well. Bed sheet shopping? Avoid these colours.

Red symbolises boldness, energy, passion, or envy. It evokes various emotions, especially when you're sleeping. According to Color Meanings, red can make you sad or angry for no reason, keeping you up at night. Instead of dreading bedtime, you want to sleep peacefully. Red accents are best.


Purple promotes creativity and mystery, which is bad for a bed sheet. According to Colors Explained, it's tied to spirituality and digging deep into your inner self, which could keep you up all night thinking about everything. Lavender is a calming purple shade.


White is a controversial home colour because it can be too bold or too bland. Not a good choice for bed sheets. NewsBeezer says white sheets can affect melatonin levels and sleep patterns. According to the Mayo Clinic, melatonin helps the brain determine the time of day. Melatonin gummies help sleepless people.


Per Color Meanings, black is mysterious, powerful, and edgy, which can bring sadness and intimidation. It can appear unexpectedly, especially at home. White bed sheets can make you stay up because they reflect the daytime, but darker colours like black can have the same effect, says The Sleep Doctor.


Neutral tones are popular in minimalistic interiors and wardrobes. Even though brown is a versatile colour, avoid dark brown bed sheets. Like black, they can cause negative feelings and disrupt sleep. Brown is a gloomy colour, says Early Bird.


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