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If Your Blood Sugar Level is This Number, It's Too High

Hyperglycemia is fasting blood glucose over 125 mg/dL (a person with this level has diabetes).

Who is at Risk for High Blood Sugar

Hyperglycemia may affect anyone. 

If you have a family history of uncontrolled diabetes due to diet or medication, stress, infections, inadequate physical activity, or a high-fat/carbohydrate diet.

Symptoms of High Blood Sugar

Fatigue, increased urination/thirst, and visual abnormalities are high blood sugar symptoms. Consult a doctor about your diabetes risk.

Eating Foods Low in Carbohydrates

One to two nutritious meals a day helps reduce and maintain your blood sugar. The more carbs you eat, the higher blood sugar you have.

Drinking More Water

Water prevents dehydration. Dehydrated kidneys have trouble urinating excess glucose.

Reduce Stress

Chronic stress increases blood sugar-raising hormones (cortisol and glucagon). Reducing stress (even temporarily) can reduce these chemicals.

Monitoring your Blood Sugar

GCMs can help reduce blood sugar. It shows how your body reacts in real time to meals. This can lead to dietary modifications and a fast drop in blood sugar.


Yes, sleep may drop blood sugars rapidly. Sleep loss raises cortisol. Sleep deprivation can lead to poor eating choices, inactivity, and a melancholy or nervous attitude.

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