Do's and Don'ts of Dining at Texas Roadhouse

Our first Texas Roadhouse meal was disappointing. I heard it was hard to get in, but I came at 7 pm on a Friday. When our table was ready, they texted us. 

App waitlisting lets you plan ahead

Texas Roadhouse lets you pick your raw steak. I've seen this at upscale steakhouses but not a franchise.

Choose your steak

Steakhouses aren't kid-friendly. Texas Roadhouse is friendly. Kraft Mac and Cheese is back. It's noisy and has a wide kids' menu.

Bring children

The presentation won't be fancy. Above is a 12-ounce Fort Worth Ribeye. No tablecloths or expensive wine glasses.

Save money, not presentation

Texas Roadhouse's hot, fresh-baked buns come with cinnamon butter. At Texas Roadhouse, you're seated with the rolls.

Don't overeat or get upsold

Choose judiciously among the two steak sides or you'll overeat. Skip the marshmallow-topped sweet potato.

Choose intelligently

When I looked around, I didn't see any menus advertising chocolate lava cakes. The reason is sly.

You're not obligated to order dessert

Inside and out, country music plays. On our second visit, about 3 pm, the music was softer but picked up around 4:30 pm. If you don't like country, stay away.

If you hate country music, don't go

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