Doritos Beloved Snack After 20 Years

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The rumours that your beloved old-school Doritos may return in the New Year may turn out to be genuine.

Frito-Lay has resumed manufacturing of 3D Doritos, so fans of the '90s snack may be able to buy a bag as early as January 18th.

Even though many children of the 1990s enjoyed eating 3D Doritos, the product was unfortunately phased out with the turn of the millennium.

3D Doritos were triangle-shaped, hollow chips that came in Jalapeo Cheddar, Nacho Cheese, and Zesty Ranch tastes, but were unfortunately never widely distributed.

Even though the corporation hasn't made an official announcement, there's too much information out there regarding the possible reintroduction of the popular treat for it to be dismissed as a rumour.

Doritos are being relaunched, but this time as Doritos 3D Crunch, and they're receiving a whole new taste profile.

Puffy triangles are back, and this time around they come in two delicious new flavours: Chili Nacho Cheese and Spicy Ranch. Spicy!

The rendering of the new package is also shown; it seems to have been stolen from the Frito-Lay sales team's playbook of future goods.

Frito-manufacturing Lay's method was shortened during the epidemic, and this likely popular measure makes up for it.

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