Dominos Closing All Locations in This Country

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American pizza may not sell well in Italy. In the country that developed pizza, tough competition drove the world's largest pizza company to fold.

Domino's is shutting its 29 Italian outlets after seven years.

Domino's entered the pizza capital of the globe in 2015 with ePizza SpA, which filed for bankruptcy in April 2022, citing pandemic-related constraints.

Covid-19 and consequent financial constraints have hurt ePizza, the firm said.

Domino's wanted to dominate the Italian market by offering delivery, which wasn't typical.

It provided American pizza toppings like pineapple, which stood out from the local market's typical pizza.

When the epidemic hit, additional pizza places started delivering, increasing competition.

ePizza attributes its fourth quarter 2021 performance to rising competition from organised chains and mom-and-pop eateries, as well as consumers' vengeance spending.

Domino's couldn't compete with 63,000 Italian pizzerias. Italians are celebrating Domino's collapse in Italy on social media,

but Americans can rest assured their favourite pizza restaurant isn't going anywhere soon. We love cheese-crusted and pineapple pizzas.

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