DDD Joint With The 'Most-Flavorful' Fried Chicken

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"Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives" helps foodies satisfy appetites. It concentrates on roadside choices with exceptional tastes as alternatives to Cracker Barrel.

Real food on real budgets is the goal. "DDD" chooses the greatest eateries in every state, from the mundane to the bizarre.

"DDD" focuses on an entire restaurant and recommends menu items. Understanding that the greatest restaurant for wings may not have the finest pizza might save you time and money.

The programme has included jerk chicken shacks and southern cuisine. Guy Fieri and colleagues may have discovered the best fried chicken.

Claiming to have the "tastiest" fried chicken is a fight-starter. You may as well say you have the greatest Chicago deep dish or Tennessee spicy chicken.

Once those remarks are out, naysayers will attack. When you're the best, a gold medal is fantastic. Broke Da Mouth Grindz & Catering benefited from a Food Network tweet.

Hawaii only tops charts for surfing, volcanoes, and fruit pizza. But there's more. Hawaiian BBQ blends unusual tastes you won't find anywhere.

It combines American and Asian tastes like teriyaki. Though their synergy isn't obvious, it sings on the palate.

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