Costco Brought Back Beloved Mini Bakery Item

The Costco bakery is a snacking hot place where members' favourite foods disappear, then reappear months or years later—sometimes with substantial alterations.

@Costcosisters recently saw the Snickerdoodle Mini Cakes, which haven't been seen since October. One reader said the cakes were also seen in Massachusetts.

Mini cinnamon cake with cinnamon cream cheese icing. Six cakes cost $8.99 and weigh 44 ounces, or 7 ounces each. Each "little" cake is around a half-pound.

"It's extremely tasty," a Reddit user said of the cake in October. "The muffins are cinnamon loaf cake.

Thick cream cheese cinnamon sugar icing. The topping doesn't taste like cinnamon, therefore I guess it's additional vanilla cake chopped off before frosting.

The Snickerdoodle Small Cakes are a sought-after "mini" cake treat. Before the Snickerdoodle flavour, the Costco bakery launched a popular "mini" replica of the

long-lost All-American Chocolate Cake, which was discontinued in 2020. The bakery also sells small carrot cake.

Many reviews say the "small" cakes taste much like the originals, making them a wonderful option.

If the trend continues, small cakes might appear in a warehouse near you.

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