Coca-Cola Is Bringing Back This Popular Subscription

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Coca-Cola Insiders Club will return in January 2021.

 The company's monthly subscription package of treats will return next year for a short time.

Those who sign up for the $45 membership (which includes shipping) will receive a box in the mail each month from January through March 2021. 

Past boxes have contained Dasani water tastes and Coca-Cola stickers for fans of the American brand.

Coca-Cola makes a number different drinks you may not know about, so the range is enormous (yet each box only has a handful).

It will be fascinating to watch what Coca-Cola rolls out to replace the 200 brands it's discontinuing this year.

Each shipment will contain a virtual experience, such as a workout with an NFL veteran or a famous chef's culinary instruction. will open at 10 a.m. ET on Dec. 8, but numbers are restricted.

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