Classic Orders Never Make At A Steakhouse

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The over-the-top desserts

After all, whose restaurant serves a salted caramel baked Alaska flamed table-side with Green Chartreuse, "steakhouses tend to have some over-the-top desserts.

The stiff cocktails

Steakhouses have bars. American steakhouses provide 2-ounce drinks. Send back drinks that don't irritate your throat. Martinis aren't drunk for flavour.

The steak tartare

There is more to a steakhouse than just rib-eyes and tomahawks. Steak tartare is an excellent first course because of the intense taste it provides.

The standout salad

To counteract the carbs, a salad is a must, and steakhouse chefs are masters at creating delicious and unique versions of the standard wedge salad.

The bread basket with extra goodies

Another favorite carb at a steakhouse is bread, which chefs agree is an essential snack.

The chefy potatoes

Meat and potatoes are a classic combination. Our Spanish-inspired steakhouse serves patatas bravas.

We use fried gold potatoes seasoned with paprika and fennel. With paprika hollandaise, brava sauce, and roasted garlic aoli. It's a great retelling.

The seafood appetizer

I recommend ordering at least one seafood appetiser at a restaurant to see what they can offer besides meat.

The signature steak

Steak is the obvious choice at any decent restaurant. Especially a cut you can't make at home.

Order stuff you can't find at the grocery." "Most supermarkets don't offer prime beef; if you do, it's frequently sliced into thin steaks to offset the high price per pound. 

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