Canned Chili, Ranked Worst to Best

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Gardein Plant-Based Chili No Beans

Gardein's beanless chilli stinks. Period. Someone on Gardein's website complained about the salt content: 1690 mg per can. Wow.

Amy’s Organic Medium Chili

Amy's Organic Medium Chili includes red beans, tofu, and Mexican-style broth. Organic Amy's needs salt or seasoning. False. My kids and partner hated it.

Nalley Big Chunk Chili Con Carne

Nalley Big Chunk makes bean-free chilli. Despite the beans, Nalley's "large portions" and "extra meat" claims tricked me. Pieces settled in the basin.

Hormel Chunky Beef Chili With Beans

Hormel's beef chilli has red velvet bits. If I'm hungry, I'd eat this brand. Chile's important. Ingredients include green chilies, spices, and jalapenos.

Kroger Original No Beans Chili

Kroger owns Fry's, Fred Meyer, and Dillons. Kroger Original No Beans Chili ($1.99) was our cheapest sample. It was washed out and too red, but it was cheap.

Marie Callender’s Angus Beef Chili with Beans

ngus Beef Chili with Beans rivals the brand's lasagnas and mac 'n cheese. Half the price of Amy's Organic. Easy-open cans simplify preparing chilli.

Stagg Classic Chili with Beans

Stagg is flavorful. Maybe it's "slow simmered," has two beans, less water, or a secret. Cozy. 116/129 Stagg reviews were 4-5 stars. 4.5 stars from my "salty" kid.

Campbell’s Chunky Chili with Beans

Campbell's Popular Tomato Garden Vegetable Soup. Mid-2000s: Discontinued. Campbell's Chunky Chili with Beans is good.

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