Cameron Diaz's Beauty Secrets at 50

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She wrote a book about longevity

Cameron Diaz is flawless. She lives and breathes healthy living practises and published The Longevity Book:

The Science of Aging, the Biology of Strength, and the Privilege of Time. Diaz addresses the science and art of ageing in The Longevity Book and proposes ways to age well.

She's all about the Mediterranean diet

This star's life and publications emphasise a healthy, longevity-focused diet. Diaz eats protein, full grains, fresh fruit, and healthy fats.

She believes in the importance of a good night's sleep

Cameron Diaz says in The Body Book, "We spend a substantial chunk of our lives asleep—or attempting to sleep—and

the quality of that time influences our mood and mental sharpness, not only the following morning but the next years of our existence"

She's positive and optimistic about growing older

Cameron Diaz does what she preaches, such as Dr. Becca Levy's belief that positive-minded people age better physically.

In The Body Book, Diaz says, "Many of us fear ageing, which means becoming less mobile, energetic, and ourselves.

She co-founded an organic wine brand

Cameron Diaz co-founded Avaline Wines, which she promotes on Instagram. The wine business adds over 70 substances to a bottle without telling the user.

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