Burger King's Menu Adds Another New Whopper

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In Japan, Chili Smoky Summer, Burger King's newest burger, premiered on August 4. Two special edition Whoppers are a part of the new menu.

The Green Chili BBQ Smokey Whopper blends the smoky Bullseye barbecue sauce with the new green chilli sauce, which Burger King claims has a "sharp spiciness."

The burger is prepared with a flame-broiled patty, cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato, and onion, and served on a sesame seed bun as is customary.

Red Chili BBQ Whopper is the second, and it replaces the green chilli sauce with chipotle sauce.

You may have any burger in a standard size or a Whopper Junior.

There is a price difference of 890 yen ($6.61) between the Green Chili BBQ Whopper and the Red Chili BBQ Whopper. 

Burger King's U.S. operations have been steadily improving, and on September 1st we'll be revealing our detailed strategy to expand throughout the country.

In addition, Burger King's overseas division had a prosperous quarter, increasing revenues by a staggering 18% on a comparable basis and 28% across the board.

Burger King frequently introduces U.S. versions of products or components thereof that were first introduced elsewhere. 

A menu item might be brought in as is, or the company could bring a new concept or sauce back from a foreign market and try it out in the United States.

When compared to other countries, the United States is noticeably lacking in the chain's adventurous approach to The Whopper and the rest of its menu.

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