Burger King Will Not Bringing Back This Cheap Burger

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The Whopper is Burger King's signature product. The chain aims to maintain the item's iconic position while it rethinks its strategy.

It's why the Whopper was withdrawn from the dollar menu this year and won't return with the same price tag soon.

The Whopper has been our mainstay since 1957. We're removing it from core discount and promoting it. This is crucial to BK's U.S. business model.

Customers can pick from various value packages. "$5 Have It Your Way includes a Whopper Jr. Our guests agree that it's a great deal.

Burger King's parent announced menu modifications in February. One was the Two-for-$5 Whopper deal. At the time, promotion volume was reduced.

Burger King launched Impossible King Whoppers and Impossible Southwest Bacon Whoppers on June 27 to rebrand the Whopper.

Since launching the Impossible Whopper in 2019, the burger titan has offered plant-based meat alternatives.

The chain eliminated sundaes and chocolate milk this year. Menu updates include new Whoppers.

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