Burger King Just Discontinued This GOAT Sandwich

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This month, the chain will introduce Royal Crispy Chicken Sandwiches. Despite the company's reticence, customers have been vocal about losing the Ch'King.

In a little over a year, the hot Ch'King developed a GOAT chicken sandwich reputation, which is no easy feat considering the hundreds that have surfaced since Popeyes' 2019 debut.

Burger King was late to the party, but it made a great spicy chicken sandwich. Burger King's hand-breaded chicken sandwich has been praised by both normal Americans and fast-food experts.

Carrols Restaurant Group's CEO said Ch'King sales didn't take off as expected.

The expensive chicken sandwich didn't deliver. The Ch'King disappointed.

BK took the contentious choice to drop the failing Ch'King line after only a year to make place for a simpler one. Fans aren't happy about the quick decision.

What are some of the new Royal sandwiches' flaws? Some say it's "soggy" and has less chicken than the classic Ch'King.

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