Burger King
Is Launching New Buns

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The patty is the star of a superb hamburger. Juicy, meaty flesh is what makes a burger a burger.

Even the most committed carnivore must acknowledge that the best beef burger is useless without its sandwich components. Your favourite condiments and toppings increase burger deliciousness.

While much of the world debates mustard vs. ketchup, others argue hamburger buns.

For instance, when one Redditor asked r/fastfood "Who's got the finest buns/bread in fast food?," the most popular response was Arby's onion buns.

Just when you thought you had your personal favorite pinned down, Burger King welcomes a new bun to town — and it's bound to whet a few appetites.

Burger King's new "everything" bun. If you like the everything bagel, you're probably beaming. There's a catch, so hold your smile.

This revolutionary burger bun will be tested in Huntsville, Alabama, and Albuquerque, New Mexico, commencing September 12.

If all goes well and the residents of these two areas love this new service, it may just head to your neighbourhood Burger King, too. Fingers crossed.

What's this? "Toasted brioche bread topped with everything seasoning. Everything bagel seasoning includes poppy, sesame, caraway, dried onion, and garlic.

Available on the Everything Whopper, Everything BK Royal Crispy Chicken Sandwich, and the Everything Breakfast Sandwich. It's okay to ask for "everything" in certain situations.

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