Britney Spears Joins Elton John For First Song

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Britney Spears made her musical comeback on Friday with "Hold Me Closer," her collaboration with Elton John.

The EDM remix of John's 1971 smash "Tiny Dancer" is Spears' first new release since she was liberated from a 13-year conservatorship last November.

The conservatory "destroyed my hopes," Spears said last year. Her 2016 album "Glory"

Before the release of "Hold Me Closer," Spears stated that "everyday is a blank slate to strive to be a better person"

She wanted to be "fearless like I was young."

John claimed his spouse, David Furnish, urged him to work with Spears. He feels their duet will bolster her confidence after a "difficult time."

"I'm really delighted to be able to do it with her because if it's a hit, which I believe it may be, it will give her so much more confidence than

she already has and she will know that people love her, care for her, and want her to be happy," he said in an interview.

Britney's vocals and dance tracks go together like wine and bread. Her voice tone is unlike any other pop girl's. So she's the pop princess.

"Hold Me Closer" is a "bloodless remix" that "gives no space for Spears to shine while losing the charm of the original," he said.

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