Best Sandwich To Order at Subway

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Subway restaurants are easy to find. Subway has the most U.S. locations. 

So whether you're travelling or just need a quick bite, their subs are conveniently accessible and healthier than fast food.

Finding healthy, filling, and tasty options at Subway is difficult. If you have nutrient concerns, adapt what you like.

Subway's limitless options let you pick exactly what you want.

Subway's customizable sandwiches can help you meet your health objectives.

300 calories, 6 grammes of fat, 39 grammes of carbohydrate, 23 grammes of protein, 710 milligrammes of sodium, and 4 grammes of fibre.

This sandwich has more protein than others on the menu and less sodium and calories.

Add spinach, tomatoes, or green peppers to your sandwich for added nutrition.

When coupled with protein and nutritious carbohydrates, more vegetables might help you feel full longer.

Subway's nutrition menu doesn't include toppings like cheese or sauces.

I like to add cheese for flavour and protein. Red wine vinegar is calorie-free, and the oil has 45 calories against 100 in mayonnaise.

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