Best Salad Ingredients for Weight Loss

Docosahexaenoic acid in tuna can shrink and destroy juvenile abdominal fat cells.

Canned Tuna

Grab some mouth mints and ask the deli cashier for onions. The low-calorie veggie (a quarter-cup contains 16 calories) boosts endurance and burns body fat.


It's healthy to sometimes replace animal proteins with plant-based alternatives. This reduces the risk of cancer, CVD, diabetes, and obesity.


Peach season is here, so add slices to your salad. The stone fruit's phenolic components reduce obesity, high cholesterol, inflammation, and diabetes. So peachy!


Good news! The delicious fruits are full of water and fibre, which help fight off hunger, so adding them to your greens is beneficial.


Instead of chicken, add eggs to your greens. The yellow centre is rich in choline, a fat-fighting vitamin. It suppresses leptin levels, which drives between-meal cravings.


Sweet, bell-shaped peppers may fire your metabolism just like spicy peppers. Dihydrocapsiate boosts metabolism.

Sweet Peppers

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