Best Dishes To Order At A Steakhouse

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Oysters on the half shell

A classic app at steak houses, oysters are packed with nutrients like zinc as well as healthy fats. Skip the fried options and enjoy these natural delicacies.

Chopped salad

Steakhouses provide healthy chopped salads that are excellent. Just select a milder dressing (like vinaigrette) and ask to hold the bacon when ordering this meal.

Strip steak, baked potato, and steamed veggies

Strip steak is a leaner cut of beef that provides protein, iron, zinc, and a slew of other key nutrients.

Filet mignon – split with a friend!

Filet mignons are a steakhouse favourite. They're usually served in 8-ounce chunks, double a serving.

Share a fillet with a buddy and eat it with a salad, steamed vegetable, and half a baked potato for a typical steakhouse supper.

Grilled shrimp

No steak? Grill lean protein or shrimp. Make sure the fish isn't cooked or covered with butter and sauce.

Grilled shrimp may be a healthy steakhouse meal if you omit the creamy sauce. Usually served with rice and vegetables. If not, order as a side.

Pinot Noir

A pinot noir is healthier than a mixed cocktail with sugary mixers. You may also sip vodka with soda water—just make sure the bartender isn't heavy-handed.

Fresh berries with ice cream

For dessert, ask whether the restaurant provides fresh berries to mix with vanilla ice cream.

Think steakhouses don't provide dessert? Reconsider. Fresh berries are a popular dessert at many restaurants. Ask for ice cream with your fruit to complete your meal.

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