Best 9 Worst Supplements for Your Health

Many include chemicals that cause heart, blood pressure, diarrhoea, kidney, and liver disorders. The FDA has banned many components due to health dangers.

1. Diet Supplements

Ginkgo is used to alleviate anxiety, dementia, and boost memory. Those with bleeding issues should not use it. Large doses induce convulsions.

2. Ginkgo

Kava won't help you relax and de-stress. Kava pills help individuals relieve tension. This drink's safety is questioned. It can cause liver damage in healthy people.

3. Kava

Despite FDA warnings, people use chaparral to heal digestive, skin, and arthritic problems. Lack of scientific proof and renal and liver problems relate its usage.

4. Chaparral

This herb has been used for generations to heal respiratory and throat disorders. It includes pyrrolizidine alkaloids associated to liver, lung, and cancer.

5. Coltsfoot

We can acquire enough vitamin D through sunlight and diet, thus self-medication is "risky." It's a fat-soluble vitamin, thus it can become poisonous.

6. Vitamin D Can Be Great—but Don't Take Too Much

Ashwagandha reduces edoema and lowers blood pressure, but it's dangerous. Ashwagandha may interact negatively with thyroid, birth control, and blood pressure medicines.

7. Ashwagandha

Energy supplements are the second-most hospitalised supplement. Most include excessive levels of caffeine or stimulants that imitate caffeine's effects.

8. Energy Supplements

Some soy products include estrogen-like compounds that might produce side effects. Long-term usage of soy isolate supplements may induce uterine abnormalities.

9. Soy Protein Products

Side Effects of Drinking Too Much Soda

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