Beloved Pizza Topping Has Facing A Shortage

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Pizza toppings have long been debated. Some are healthier than others, and some are weird (but tasty?). Which topping is rare? Surprise!

The coronavirus epidemic has made meat pricey and scarce. So pepperoni is scarce and more expensive.

Pizza businesses nationwide are experiencing a $2 per-pound price hike. One South Dakota store used to pay $2.87 a pound for pepperoni but now pays $4.12.

Since the outbreak began in March, meat costs and supply have soared. Workers at meatpacking companies around the country tested positive for the virus.

Cargill and Smithfield Foods each closed a plant. Over 100,000 Tyson employees tested positive between March-July.

That boosted output, causing meat prices to rise. This meant ground beef priced $7.99 per pound instead of $3.99.

Smaller pizza businesses are suffering, while chains are thriving. People crave pizza more than ever despite rising pepperoni pricing.

Dominos' pandemic sales are up 16%. Papa John's sales are up 20% month-over-month compared to last year. Menu pricing hikes hurt local pizzerias.

So they're paying the higher pepperoni prices for now.

It's crucial to maintain pepperoni on pizza since it's so popular.

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