Aries October 2022 Horoscope Predictions

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Hello, Aries! Nearly Halloween. End of September's full moon and Mercury retrograde made you want to remain inside. If you're tired after a few weeks, rest up.

First week of October is a good time to reorganise and clean. Mercury retrograde finishes in Virgo on Oct. 2.

With Mercury direct, you'll have more energy to arrange your cosmetics, color-coordinate your bookshelf, or do other household changes.

Pluto has been retrograde since April. Pluto seems goth, yet it's about transitions, not death.

Aries, this retrograde highlighted your domestic life and asked you to rebuild it. When Pluto goes direct on Oct. 8, you conclude such tasks.

This planetary movement might suggest emotional changes to your living place, not just physical ones. Some Aries may end a cohabitation or move in with relatives or a lover.

Sunday, October 9 is Aries' full moon. This full moon ends a cycle of transformation. Full moons may be overwhelming, so utilise this weekend to rest and settle into your new home.

Mars goes retrograde in Gemini on October 30. Because it's in Gemini, signing agreements, organising a first date, and other logistics may take longer than normal.

Aries must be patient to get through Mars retrograde. You're a domineering fire sign who likes to get what you want quickly.

Try self-care activities like meditating or taking up a hobby as you wait for news. See you next month.

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