Argentines miss Evita after 70 years

María Eva Noble works in a Buenos Aires soup kitchen to honour her namesake.

She was named after Eva Perón, who died 70 years ago Tuesday.

Noble volunteers at a Flores soup kitchen that serves 200 people daily & bears the late leader's honour. 

Noble says, "Evita is in my DNA." & she's not alone. 

Evita's image as a champion of the poor is more relevant than ever seven decades after her death, when inequality, poverty, & inflation are rising.

Evita has been the topic of novels, movies, TV series, & even a Broadway musical, but for her oldest, most fervent fans, the connection is much more intimate.

Juana Marta Barro was among many who lined up Tuesday to offer flowers at Evita's tomb in Buenos Aires' Recoleta district.

Barro, 84, a housekeeper's daughter, remembered how her life in northern Tucumán province changed after Evita entered politics.

She got new shoes & a school uniform. Barro vividly remembers seeing Evita pass by her village on a train & being excited.

She's my heart's torch. Evita was born in Los Toldos, a small rural hamlet 300 kilometres from the capital, where she moved at age 15 to become an actor.

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