America's Largest Grocery Chain Is Making Major Change

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Most grocery stores offer self-checkout and cashier lanes for checkout. The limited area can make scanning many goods on a trip difficult. So far.

America's largest supermarket chain is testing belting self-scanning. New self-checkout lines have full, rolling belts like cashiers'.

The technology is spreading to 20 stores in Cincinnati, Dayton, Troy, and Kentucky. The grocer plans more stores for September.

The belt moves groceries down the lane like a conveyor belt with staff scanning. A bagger packs your items at the loading area. Shoppers scan themselves. Cashiers won't vanish, though.

These establishments will keep traditional checkout lanes with cashiers and courtesy clerks and self-checkout lanes.

Because of labour shortages or peak hours, many grocery stores provide self-service. Kroger hasn't stopped there, though.

In June, the firm stated it will extend its Boost membership programme and provide more electric charging stations to its parking lots.

Adding EV charging stations to Kroger stores helps us move to a lower-carbon economy.

We use technology and creativity to minimize greenhouse gas emissions and help consumers live more sustainably.

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