ADA led to my future career

Never lived without ADA (ADA). Born with cerebral palsy five years after the ADA, I took it for granted. 

I didn't realise how much the ADA protects me until I started looking for a job after graduation.

I'd heard of people with cerebral palsy applying to job after job without an interview, but I pushed those fears aside as I began my own job search.

At my first temp assignment, my supervisors found I couldn't operate a letter opener & sent me home in tears. 

I immediately found more temp work, but my physical & emotional health prevented me from meeting my supervisors' goals. 

I worked at a university bookshop for several weeks but wasn't applying barcode stickers fast enough. 

At another temp job, I had a panic attack & was fired for "being on my phone too much" despite never touching it outside of lunch breaks. 

I felt that the ADA couldn't protect me from being disabled & mentally unwell at work. That year, 

I first discussed my cerebral palsy & met other CP patients. As I joined online CP support groups, individuals' professional woes kept coming up.

I watched as others answered concerns about whether to disclose disability on a job application, whether to share that you need workplace adjustments & when it was "worth it" to sue an employer. 

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