8 Items around your home that could be worth more

You may find cash while spring cleaning. You can sell collectibles and unused electronics for more than you think.

Some rare Pokémon cards are worth a fortune. Game Rant values the Pikachu Illustrator at $900,000.

Pokémon Cards

Decluttr and Gazelle will buy your unused laptops. Model, year, and condition determine the value of unused tech. Gazelle's Michele Perry says many households have $400 to $800 in unused laptops.


Beanie Babies are collectibles whose value depends on their rarity. Error-prone or short-lived items fetch the highest prices. A Jolly walrus Beanie Baby is worth $75,000, according to Parade. Jolly was retired in 1998.

Beanie Babies

Given how often we upgrade, you probably have an unused phone at home. As with laptops, trade-in value depends on phone type, age, and condition, but you may get $100 for a dated iPhone. SellCell.com values a good iPhone 8 64G at $105.


Certain action figures are now seen as collectibles and are worth a pretty penny, so check to see what any of your old toys are currently going for on eBay.

Action Figures

Sell unused furniture from your garage and storage areas. You can make some serious cash selling unused furniture on Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist.


Bicycles, skis, baseball bats, and golf clubs resell well. Depending on the type, age, and condition of your sports equipment, you can get 30% to 60% of the original value.

Sports Equipment

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