7 Hidden Signs Of A Failing Relationship

Subsurface relationships can be complicated. You all know happy couples who seem destined to be together forever. They separate suddenly. Under the surface, all appeared well.

Your partner may find it funny. This shows you don't take them seriously. If you think "whatever" every time your partner says something, correct it.

1. Inattention

Happiness requires relationship equality. If you feel unequal or dominated by your partner, speak up.

2. Control

Respect is key to a long-lasting relationship. Without respect, you'll stop trying. Almost always, one of you will become infatuated with someone who respects you.

3. No Respect

Never use insults to win or get even. Insulting your partner in public isn't cool. Never mock your partner in front of family or friends. Even in jest, it hurts your partner.

4. Insulting Each Other

You may think ignoring differences is better than arguing. Never avoid discussing problems. If you're angry about your partner's habits but say nothing, your relationship will suffer.

5. Refraining from Resolving Conflicts

Sometimes we all take each other for granted. Consider how your partner would feel in the situation. It will tell you if you're annoying or overbearing.

6. Taking One Another for Granted

You rarely talk after work? Do you binge-watch Netflix instead of talking? A lack of communication may seem like a good way to relax after work, but it will drive you apart. Eventually, you'll have nothing to share.

7. Being Silent

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