6 Worst Restaurant Behaviors on a First Date

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26% – Having too many cocktails

Pay attention, ladies and gentlemen: if you care about making a good impression, limit your alcohol intake. Some 26% of those polled think you drink too much.

Nobody likes to walk away from a date with vomit on their shoes, as we saw in And Just Like That...

27% – Leaving a miserly tip

It is more crucial than ever to leave a generous gratuity for exceptional service.

Restaurants have had it rough since the pandemic hit, and with staff reductions and turnover, they might need some help to keep serving up memorable meals.

47% – Snagging a fry off your date's plate

Despite the fact that your husband may approve, you should not commit such an egregious sin on a first date.

52% – Chewing with your mouth open

Consume your food slowly and in little portions before you start talking. What did you think your mom would teach you?!

56% – Being rude to the staff

They are working hard, but sometimes things get backed up in the kitchen or someone makes a mistake. Be nice and generous to your server.

65% – Choosing a bad restaurant

Without meaning to offend the fast food sector, I would not recommend White Castle or McDonald's for a first date.

Choose carefully, since 65 percent of respondents felt bad food will reflect negatively on the date. Plus side? If the meal is nice, 72% of people will think more highly of the date.

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