5 Ways to
Lower Your Blood Sugar Naturally

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1. What to Know About Blood Sugar

Blood sugar measures blood glucose. It shows if your body uses glucose properly for energy.

If your blood sugar is too high, you may need to limit sugar in your diet, or insulin resistance may prohibit your body from utilising glucose for energy.

2. Dangers of Not Treating High Blood Sugar

Maintaining a healthy blood sugar can avoid cardiovascular disease, renal damage, eyesight loss, neuropathy, and tooth, gum, bone, joint, and foot disorders.

3. How to Check Your Blood Sugar

Fasting and non-fasting blood sugar testing are primary. After fasting for 8 hours, glucose levels should be below 100 mg/dL. 

4. Exercise Regularly

Regular exercise helps maintain healthy blood sugar since your body uses glucose for energy. 

Walking, weightlifting, riding, and swimming need blood sugar for muscular contractions. This activity increases insulin sensitivity and helps regulate weight, which can stabilise blood sugar.

5. Increase Fiber Intake

Fiber reduces sugar and carb absorption. This minimises post-meal blood sugar spikes. Gradual blood sugar rise permits body to respond to insulin.

6. Eat Smaller Portions

Large meals cause blood sugar spikes. It can also make it harder to return to fasting blood sugar levels after meals.

7. Reduce Carbs

Carbohydrates affect blood sugar more than other foods and reduce insulin's effectiveness. 

Low-carb diets minimize blood sugar rises and insulin resistance, reducing type 2 diabetes risk. Prioritize healthy grains over processed bread, starches, and noodles.

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