5 Surprising Effects of Eating Soy

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1. Soy may support weight loss

Soy protein helps repair and grow muscle. Muscle is metabolically active, as we've reported. Muscle burns calories and reduces body fat.

Protein keeps you satisfied and reduces sugar cravings. Soy may improve insulin resistance, fatty acid metabolism, and other weight-related hormonal, cellular, or molecular alterations.

2. Soy may protect your heart

Soy protein can help you lose weight and reduce heart strain, but it also has additional circulatory benefits.

Soy reduces cholesterol and heart disease risk. Soy protein reduces "bad" cholesterol by 3 to 4% in adults.

3. Soy may help lower risk of these silent killers

Soy may reduce excessive blood pressure and inflammation, which contribute to heart disease, heart attacks, and strokes.

Poor food, smoking, alcohol addiction, and other lifestyle factors cause chronic low-grade inflammation. This stealthy attack may damage artery linings, causing excessive blood pressure.

4. Soy may strengthen your bones

Osteoporosis risk rises with age. Low bone density puts 54 million Americans over 50 at risk of fracturing a bone. Soy may prevent fractures.

Soy isoflavones increase bone mineral density and prevent osteoporosis-related bone loss. Isoflavones are a kind of phytoestrogen present in soybeans and soy products.

5. Soy may protect against breast cancer

High oestrogen causes breast cancer. Women receiving hormone treatment for breast cancer were urged to avoid soy.

Two daily servings of soy products don't increase breast cancer risk. Isoflavone, the main phytoestrogen in soy, reduces mortality from all causes, not only breast cancer.

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