5 Eating Habits Ariana Grande Swears By

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She drinks a lot of smoothies

Grande's trainer Harley Pasternak told  that the pop star is all about her morning smoothies.

She'll even adopt a full smoothie diet sometimes when she's doing a body reset. She loves the white, red, and green smoothies.

She limits her sugar intake

Sugar is not really a part of Grande's diet, unless it's natural. After all, the pop icon obsesses over berries, which have plenty of natural sugars.

Grande routinely writes about her fruit snacks on Instagram, especially blueberries, which cut blood pressure, cholesterol, and heart disease risk.

She eats a lot of Japanese food

When it comes to the "Positions" singer's diet itself, her trainer said that she incorporates many Japanese foods.

Ariana Grande, she's vegan, and she loves daikon, lotus, adzuki beans almost like a macrobiotic Japanese.

She's learned the importance of balance

Balance is key to Grande's daily diet. Pasternak told PopSugar that the "Wicked" star is now not afraid to treat herself from time to time.

While she still eats healthy, she's relaxed her eating restrictions. She's expanded her diet. Grande's lunch may include kale, avocado, cashews, and teriyaki.

She limits her nighttime eating and drinking

Grande's trainer discourages late-night munching and coffee. Grande enjoys a soy latte during the day, but not at night.

Coffee in the afternoon or evening might affect sleep and energy levels. Grande's hectic schedule means she must be prepared.

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