5 Drinks Secretly Increasing Inflammation

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1. Sugary lattes

Coffee's plant components and polyphenol concentration may have anti-inflammatory properties, but what you add in it may counteract that.

Sugary syrups, sauces, whips, and drizzles sweeten many coffee and mock-coffee beverages. If you drink a grande or venti every day, you may be consuming too much sugar.

2. Flavored oat milk

Non-dairy milk brands and types vary. Flavored and sugared oat milk is inflammatory. Even flavourless choices include 7g of sugar per serving.

Oats are inherently gluten-free, although some are processed in gluten-containing facilities, causing cross-contamination.

3. Sweet tea

Limit sugary drinks like sweet tea. Over time, additional sugars can cause chronic inflammation, and many sugar-sweetened beverages have little nutritious benefit.

As a low-to-no sugar hydration source, try water, mildly flavoured waters, or water flavoured with fresh fruit.

4. Store-bought smoothies

Smoothies can be a terrific alternative for meal replacement or post-workout recuperation, but many include additional sugar called turbinado.

This is not to be confused with fruit or fresh-pressed fruit juice, which is considered natural sugar, we are talking about added sugar.

5. Soda

If the sugar in your smoothie doesn't spark inflammation, the sugar in a soda just might.

Soda sugar inflames. Sugary drinks can cause chronic inflammation over time. Soda has the most added sugar. High-sugar diets can cause inflammation and sickness.

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