5 Drinks Secretly Increasing Inflammation In Your Body

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1. Sugary lattes

Coffee and mock-coffee beverages are often sweetened with syrups, sauces, whips, and drizzles. If you drink one of these every day, you may be consuming more sugar than you realise.

Research shows coffee may have anti-inflammatory properties due to its plant components and polyphenol concentration. However, what you add in your coffee may counteract the benefits.

2. Flavored oat milk

Not all nondairy milk brands and variations are alike. Inflammation occurs when oat milk is flavoured and sweetened.

Even flavourless choices include 7 g of sugar per serving. For people with a gluten sensitivity or intolerance, it might exacerbate inflammation.

3. Sweet tea

Limit sugary drinks like sweet tea. Over time, additional sugars can cause chronic inflammation, and many sugar-sweetened beverages have little nutritious benefit.

As a low-to-no sugar hydration source, try water, mildly flavoured waters, or water flavoured with fresh fruit.

4. Store-bought smoothies

Smoothies are a terrific alternative for meal replacement or post-workout recuperation, however many smoothie establishments include turbinado sugar.

We're talking about added sugar, not natural sugar from fruit or fruit juice (aka sugar poured into the smoothie).

5. Soda

If the sugar in your smoothie doesn't spark inflammation, the sugar in a soda just might.

Coke causes inflammation. Chronic inflammation can occur from drinking sugary drinks. Soda adds the most sugar to the diet.

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