4 Surprising Effects of Cottage Cheese

Cottage cheese provides a substantial protein increase. One cup of normal 2% cottage cheese has 24 grammes of protein, similar to plain 2% Greek yoghurt like Fage.

1. You'll get a boost of protein

You may have a protein boost with low sugar (approximately 9 grammes, largely from lactose) and no added sugar. You may add fruit or honey to sweeten it.

High-protein meals are good for weight reduction because they promote satiety and keep you full longer.

2. It may help promote weight loss

Regularly eating added sugar may also lead to weight gain and calorie consumption. Substituting cottage cheese topped with fruit or honey for sweet desserts can help save calories.

Cottage cheese is calcium-rich. One cup of 2% cottage cheese has 227 milligrammes of calcium, or 18% of the RDV.

3. You'll get a calcium boost

Calcium is good for bone, hormone, and illness health. Enjoy a cup of cottage cheese's advantages.

Cottage cheese is a healthy, satisfying snack with little fat calories. Cottage cheese's fat content is different from other cheeses, despite its name.

4. You won't consume a lot of fat

Compare cheddar cheese. Cheddar has 24.5 grammes of protein per cup, but 35 grammes of fat. A cup of low-fat cottage cheese has the same amount of protein with 5g of fat.

Cottage cheese has less calories than other fatty dairy products since fat has more calories per gramme than protein or carbohydrates.

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