4 Items Shake Shack Just Added to the Menu

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4. Hot Ones Bacon Cheese Fries

Why are Hot Ones Bacon Cheese Fries more enticing than Cheese Fries?

By some unknown magic, applewood bacon sticks to these fries better than regular bacon-topped fries.

3. Hot Ones Cheese Fries

They're basically traditional Shake Shack cheddar fries with spicy sauce.

While nice, these fries weren't novel or unusual. You can add spicy sauce to your fries yourself, so they aren't really anything new.

2. Hot Ones Chicken

The Hot Ones Chicken Sandwich was our favourite of the four new offerings.

A crispy, fried white-meat chicken patty is topped with Hot Ones Spicy ShackSauce, bacon, and Monterey Jack cheese. All that's on a toasted potato bread.

Bun, cheese, and chicken offer a nice backdrop for the spicy sauce, so we put "Last Dab: Apollo" to this sandwich.

1. Hot Ones Burger

This burger is tasty. It's not so huge that devouring it causes existential crises or so little that diners are left hungry, especially if fries are requested.

The Hot Ones Burger is created with an Angus beef patty topped with bacon, cheese, and Hot OnesTM Spicy ShackSauce.

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