15 Houseplants That Are Good For Your Health

Houseplants add whimsy to any room and clean the air. Some plants have medicinal benefits in addition to their beauty. They can brighten any room or environment. These plants purify the air and provide greenery and scenery to relax your home.

Boston Fern

Many people don't realise Boston ferns (Nephrolepis exaltata) can act as a humidifier. By adding moisture to the air, they can help with dry skin and respiratory issues. They remove airborne toxins. Boston ferns add freshness and greenery to any room.

Golden Pothos

Golden pothos has heart-shaped, easy-to-care-for leaves. Because it's hard to kill and low-maintenance, it's a popular beginner houseplant. The 6-foot-long vines are great for hanging baskets or climbing. A few drops of liquid fertiliser per month will keep your golden pothos growing.

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera (Aloe barbadensis miller) is an African succulent found worldwide (via National Library of Medicine). It's been a popular medicinal plant for centuries. The leaf gel soothes sunburns and speeds wound healing. Aloe vera purifies air, so it's a good indoor plant. Healthline says the plant is easy to harvest.

Snake Plant

Mother-in-tongue law's (Sansevieria trifasciata) is a popular houseplant. Healthline says snake plants can improve indoor air quality. Snake plants release oxygen at night, reducing VOCs. VOCs emitted by paints, furniture, and other household products can cause headaches and nausea.

Peace Lily

South American peace lilies are Spathiphyllum wallisii. Peace lilies remove ammonia and other air toxins and reduce stress. According to Petal Republic, they boost mental health and may help you fall asleep easier. They're great for bedrooms or offices.

English Ivy

English ivy (Hedera helix) grows across the U.S. It's been used in homes and gardens for centuries. Allergy & Air says this vine purifies air and absorbs mould. Anti-inflammatory properties help asthmatics and allergy sufferers. English ivy is easy to grow and adaptable.

Rubber Plant

Rubber plants (Ficus elastica) are beautiful and beneficial. They're an easy-to-care-for houseplant that cleans the air. They grow to 9 feet tall, making them a good floor plant (via Our House Plants). Larger leaves clear more toxins and VOCs from the air, says One Green Planet. Waxy, dark green leaves trail beautifully.

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