12 Best American Lobster Rolls

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1. Best Classic Lobster Roll

This list must begin in Maine, the world's lobster capital. Five Islands Lobster Co. provides fresh lobsters from an active fishing wharf.

2. Best Hot Lobster Roll

The Hook family created James Hook in 1925. It's a family-run enterprise that makes some of New England's greatest lobster rolls.

3. Best Gigantic Lobster Roll

This place is great for seafood. Lobster Roll Restaurant is a vintage roadside restaurant. Hot lobster roll: our recommendation.

4. Best Innovative Lobster Roll

California reinvented the lobster roll. Hinoki and the Bird's version is served on a charcoal bun with green curry and Thai basil. It's nontraditional yet delicious!

5. Best Lobster Salad Roll

If you're feeling extravagant, try their Lobster Reuben—lobster meat, Swiss cheese, sauerkraut, and Thousand Island dressing on rye.

6. Best Food Truck Lobster Roll

The Happy Lobster Truck has arrived in Chicago. If you're feeling bold, try their Angry Lobster Roll with giardiniera and spicy mayo on a burger-style bread.

7. Best Meat Variety Lobster Roll

Thames Street Oyster House provides Maryland, Mid-Atlantic, and New England seafood.

8. Best Connecticut-Style Hot Lobster Roll

Abbott's Lobster in the Rough in Noank, Connecticut, serves more buttery lobster. The "famous" (1/4 lb), "OMG" (1/2 lb), and "LOL" (1 full lb).

9. Best Lobster Roll Down South

Before Garbo's, Texas lacked affordable lobster rolls. You choose! Garbo's reimagines Maine and Connecticut rolls.

10. Best Modern Lobster Rolls

Red Hook Lobster Pound provides classics including the BLT Lobster Roll, the Fried Lobster Roll, and the Tuscan Lobster Roll.

11. Best No-Frills Lobster Roll

Pete's Seafood and Sandwich, a no-frills seafood establishment in San Diego, serves New England-style lobster rolls.

12. Best Casual Lobster Roll

The Clam Shack opened in 1968 on the Kennebunk River. People line up for hours to try their one-pound lobster roll on a locally made bread.

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