11 Best
Low Calorie Fruits

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1. Raspberries

Not only are raspberries low in calories, but they are also the fiber MVP, packing in 8 grams fiber per cup.

2. Mango

Besides having an incredibly delicious flavor, mango provides a whopping 67% daily value for vitamin C.

3. Cherries

Cherries are a great source of fiber (promotes satiety), vitamin C (immune-boosting), potassium (promotes healthy blood pressure) and antioxidants (fight cancer).

4. Strawberries

Strawberries are one of the lowest-calorie fruits available, and are also one of the best sources of vitamin C, providing well over 100% of your daily needs per cup.

5. Cantaloupe

Cantaloupe contains vitamin C like strawberries. Plus, it's 90% water, so it helps you stay hydrated and full.

6. Grapes

Grapes contain the potent phytonutrient resveratrol, which research suggests may improve insulin sensitivity and aid weight management.

7. Oranges

Oranges are a good source of dietary fiber which helps keep you full, and are an excellent source in vitamin C.

8. Pears

Pears provide 6 grammes of fiber—soluble and insoluble—per pear. We all need fibre to promote gut health, but most of us don't get enough of it.

9. Papaya

Papaya contains the natural digestive enzyme papain, a type of enzyme known as a protease because it helps break down proteins.

10. Blueberries

Blueberries are a good source of fiber, vitamin K (good for blood clotting), vitamin C (immune boosting), and manganese (necessary in macronutrient metabolism).

11. Banana

Bananas also have a good source of fiber, and an excellent source of potassium which helps prevent muscle cramping.

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