10 foods that cause bad breath

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Booze on your breath is hard to hide for several reasons. Alcohol is a diuretic, which dries out your mouth. Without saliva, bad-breath bacteria thrives.

Canned fish

Whether it's tuna, sardines, anchovies, or another sort, canned fish stinks. Once canned, the fish oxidises, leading to a pungent odour.


Cheese stinks. Some of the best-tasting cheeses stink. Bacteria that break down cheese's lactose, lipids, and proteins generate halitosis-causing hydrogen sulphide.


Coffee is technically a drink, yet practically everyone has experienced coffee breath. Coffee smells lovely before drinking, but not after. 


Garlic breath is real. Garlic includes two types of sulphur compounds that enter your circulation through your stomach and escape through your lungs up to two days later.


Allyl isothiocyanate, an organosulfur chemical, gives horseradish its pungent odour. The fragrance evolved to deter herbivores.


Onions contain sulphur components like garlic and are hence potent. Beasties never err.


A ketogenic diet restricts carbs to burn fat. Protein-rich meals break down into ammonia-like odours, and fatty acids form metallic or acetone odours.

Spicy peppers

The fiery aftertaste of peppers? It's real. Peppers can leave your tongue momentarily covered with spices, which others can smell.

Tomato sauce

A tasty tomato sauce might be bad for your breath. Tomato sauce (and juice) can provoke acid reflux, which worsens bad breath.

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