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Burgers are a U.S. staple. The U.S. consumes 20 billion burgers yearly, or 60 per person. Burgers aren't an occasional treat; they're a food group.

Oregon devoured 79 burgers per resident per year, the most.

Arizona and Utah ranked second and third, with 77 and 75 burgers per person, respectively. West and Southwest perform well.

D.C. had the lowest burger consumption rate, at 36 per person—less than half of Arizona's. New York had 41 burgers per person while Massachusetts had 42.

Pantry & Larder used YouGov's estimate to divide 200 billion burgers by state.

Pantry & Larder used Google Trends to evaluate burger demand and restaurant density to estimate each state's share.

Similar results were found for average burger demand and burger restaurants.

Nevada, Utah, and Oregon have the highest burger demand, says the report. Arizona has 10.4 burger eateries per 100,000 population, whereas D.C. has 2.4.

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