#1 Best Meal To Order at Outback Steakhouse

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Bloomin' Onion is Outback Steakhouse's most renowned menu dish, but it's not the healthiest. Create your own meal at Outback Steakhouse to receive a more nutritious dinner than a deep-fried onion.

Going against the restaurant chain's advised meal pairings and creating your own huge dinner with multiple healthy meals.

This may contain a 6-ounce Outback Center Cut Sirloin, Caesar salad, chicken tortilla soup, and grilled asparagus. This meal has 820 calories.

Choosing each meal item separately might help you save calories. This dinner includes a blend of low-calorie and low-fat options.

Combo meals are some of the unhealthiest selections at restaurant chains. Avoid combos. These meals are heavy in calories, fat, and vegetables.

If you want a drink other than water, get orange juice, which has 90 calories.

To make a carb-heavy meal healthier, remove one of the carb alternatives.

Remove mashed potatoes to make it healthy. Caesar salad and soup already have carbohydrates, so mashed potatoes are unnecessary.

While it may be more difficult to pick a steak, side, Caesar salad, and soup for supper than a combo item, the health advantages will be worth it.

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